Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Heating / Air Conditioning

Toyota CH-R Service Manual / Heating / Air Conditioning

No Answer-Back
DESCRIPTION In some cases, wireless door lock control functions are normal but the hazard warning light and wireless door lock buzzer answer-back functions*1 do not operate. In such cases, hazard ...

Air Conditioning Amplifier

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Navigation System: Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Navigation System DTC No. Detection Item Link B1324 Lost Communication with Meter B153A GVIF Disconnected (from Extension Module to H/U) ...

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual > Adjusting the seats: Head restraints
Head restraints are provided for all seats. Head restraints are provided for all seats. Up Pull the head restraints up. Down Push the head restraint down while pressing the lock release button. Rear seats ■ Rear outboard seats To fold Pull the head restraint up while pressing ...

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual

Toyota CH-R Service Manual

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