Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Exterior Panels / Trim

Toyota CH-R Service Manual / Exterior Panels / Trim

Rear Door Opening Trim Weatherstrip
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *A w/o Rear Seat Side Airbag *B w/ Rear Seat Side Airbag *1 REAR DOOR OPENING TRIM WEA ...

Back Door Outside Garnish

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Toyota CH-R Owners Manual > Steps to take in an emergency: If your vehicle overheats
The following may indicate that your vehicle is overheating. The needle of the engine coolant temperature gauge enters the red zone or a loss of engine power is experienced (for example, the vehicle speed does not increase). Steam comes out from under the hood. Correction procedures ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Door Control Switch: Installation
INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL MULTIPLEX NETWORK MASTER SWITCH ASSEMBLY (for Driver Side) (a) Install the multiplex network master switch assembly with the 3 screws. 2. INSTALL DOOR CONTROL SWITCH ASSEMBLY (for Front Passenger Side) (a) Engage the claws to install the door control ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual

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