Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Instrument cluster

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual / Instrument cluster

Theft prevention labels
These labels are attached to the vehicle to reduce vehicle theft by facilitating the tracing and recovery of parts from stolen vehicles. Do not remove under the penalty of law. ...

Warning lights and indicators
The warning lights and indicators on the instrument cluster and center panel inform the driver of the status of the vehicle's various systems. For the purpose of explanation, the following il ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Lin Communication System: No Response from Steering Lock ECU (B2786)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when LIN communication between the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly) and steering lock ECU steering lock actuator or upper bracket assembly) stops for 10 seconds or more. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Power Steering System: Diagnosis System
DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM CHECK DLC3 (a) Check the DLC3. Click here CHECK WARNING LIGHT (a) When a problem occurs in the power steering system, the EPS warning light in the combination meter assembly comes on to inform the driver of the problem. *a EPS Warning Light ...

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