Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Mirror (ext)

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL STOP LIGHT SWITCH ASSEMBLY (a) Insert the stop light switch assembly until the threaded sleeve hits the pedal. NOTICE: When inserting the stop ...

Outer Mirror Switch

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Automatic Headlight Beam Level Control System: Height Control Sensor Malfunction (B2416,B241A)
DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when the headlight ECU sub-assembly LH detects a malfunction in the rear height control sensor sub-assembly LH power source circuit or rear height control sensor sub-assembly LH circuit. The headlight ECU sub-assembly LH stores DTC B2416 and B241A. D ...

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual > For owners: SRS airbag instructions for Canadian owners (in French)
The following is a French explanation of SRS airbag instructions extracted from the SRS airbag section in this manual. See the SRS airbag section for more detailed SRS airbag instructions in English. Coussins gonflables SRS frontaux Coussin gonflable SRS conducteur/passager avant Part ...

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