Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Mirror (ext)

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL STOP LIGHT SWITCH ASSEMBLY (a) Insert the stop light switch assembly until the threaded sleeve hits the pedal. NOTICE: When inserting the stop ...

Outer Mirror Switch

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Power Steering System: PIG Power Supply Voltage (C1552,C1554)
DESCRIPTION If a problem occurs in the system, the power source relay circuit and the motor relay circuit are shut off to stop power assist. The ECU must be replaced when there is a problem with the relays because the relays are built into the ECU. DTC No. Detection Item ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Navigation Ecu: Installation
INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL NO. 2 NAVIGATION ECU BRACKET (a) Engage the guides to temporarily install the No. 2 navigation ECU bracket. (b) Install the No. 2 navigation ECU bracket with the 2 bolts to the navigation ECU. 2. ...

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