Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: When trouble arises

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual / When trouble arises

Light bulbs
You may replace the following bulbs yourself. The difficulty level of replacement varies depending on the bulb. If necessary bulb replacement seems difficult to perform, contact your Toyota dealer ...

Essential information

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Lin Communication System: Data List / Active Test
DATA LIST / ACTIVE TEST DATA LIST HINT: Using the Techstream to read the Data List allows the values or states of switches, sensors, actuators and other items to be read without removing any parts. This non-intrusive inspection can be very useful because intermittent conditions or signals may ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Front Door: Components
COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *A w/ Illumination *B for Driver Side *C for Front Passenger Side - - *1 FRONT DOOR BELT SEAL *2 FRONT DOOR GLASS INNER WEATHERS ...

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual

Toyota CH-R Service Manual

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