Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Brake (front)

Television Camera
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 REAR TELEVISION CAMERA ASSEMBLY - - N*m (kgf*cm, ft.*lbf): Specified torque ...

Front Brake

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Blind Spot Monitor System: Vehicle Speed Sensor (C1A45)
DESCRIPTION The blind spot monitor sensor receives vehicle speed signals from the skid control ECU via CAN communication. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area C1A45 Vehicle Speed Sensor A fa ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Theft Deterrent System: Customize Parameters
CUSTOMIZE PARAMETERS CUSTOMIZE THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM NOTICE: When the customer requests a change in a function, first make sure that the function can be customized. Be sure to make a note of the current settings before customizing. When troubleshooting a function, first ma ...

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