Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Condenser

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. ADJUST COMPRESSOR OIL (a) When replacing the compressor with pulley assembly with a new one, gradually discharge the refrigerant gas from the service valve. ...

COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *A w/o Engine Hood Courtesy Switch *B w/ Engine Hood Courtesy Switch *1 FRONT BUMPER UPPER REINFORCE ...

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Toyota CH-R Owners Manual > Vehicle specifications: Customization
Customizable features Your vehicle includes a variety of electronic features that can be personalized to suit your preferences. The settings of these features can be changed using the multi-information display or at your Toyota dealer. Customizing vehicle features ■ Changing using the multi ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Blind Spot Monitor System: Short to GND or Open in Buzzer (C1ABE)
DESCRIPTION DTC C1ABE is stored when the blind spot monitor sensor RH (Slave) detects a short to ground or open in the RCTA buzzer (blind spot monitor buzzer) circuit. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual

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