Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Continuously Variable Transaxle System

Toyota CH-R Service Manual / K114 Cvt / Continuously Variable Transaxle System

ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE 1. PRECAUTIONS AND WORK DESCRIPTION (a) The K114 continuously variable transaxle assembly does not have an oil filler tube or oil level gauge. When adding fluid, add fluid th ...

Definition Of Terms
DEFINITION OF TERMS Term Definition Monitor description Description of what the ECM monitors and how it detects malfunctions (monitoring purpose ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Seat Belt Warning System(w/ Occupant Classification System): System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION SEAT BELT WARNING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) Seat belt warning light operation for driver seat belt: The seat belt warning light on the combination meter assembly blinks or turns off in accordance with the driver seat belt state and vehicle speed. (b) Seat belt warning light ope ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Smart Key System(for Entry Function): New Key cannot be Registered
DESCRIPTION If a new electrical key transmitter sub-assembly could not be registered, wave interference or a malfunction of the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly), electrical key transmitter sub-assembly, ID code box (immobiliser code ECU), steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or ...

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