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Open in One Side of Bus 5 Branch Line
DESCRIPTION When the CAN bus main lines are normal (no open, short to ground, short to +B or short between lines) and there is an ECU or sensor on the "Communication Bus Check" screen t ...

PRECAUTION IGNITION SWITCH EXPRESSIONS (a) The type of ignition switch used on this model differs depending on the specifications of the vehicle. The expressions listed in the table below are used ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Navigation System: Extension Module Malfunction 2 (B1556)
DESCRIPTION These DTCs are stored when a malfunction occurs in the Navigation ECU. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area B1556 Extension Module Malfunction 2 When any of the following condition ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Automatic Headlight Beam Level Control System: Problem Symptoms Table
PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE NOTICE: If the headlight ECU sub-assembly LH has been replaced, it is necessary to synchronize the vehicle information and initialize the headlight ECU sub-assembly LH. Click here HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple ...

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