Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Using the interior lights

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Interior lights list

Toyota CH-R. Using the interior

  1. Vanity lights (if equipped)
  2. Front interior light/front personal lights
  3. Rear interior light
  4. Engine switch light (vehicles with a smart key system)
  5. Glove box light
  6. Cup holder illumination (if equipped)
  7. Door trim lights (if equipped)
Seat heaters
Seat heaters heat the front seats. WARNING Care should be taken to prevent injury if anyone in the following categories comes in contact with the seats when the heater is on: Babies, sm ...

Interior lights
■ Front Turns the door position on/off ■ Rear On Door position Operation is linked with the front interior light main switch. When the switch is off, the light does not illuminate. ...

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