Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Opening, closing and locking the doors

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual / Operation of each component / Opening, closing and locking the doors

Key information
The keys The following keys are provided with the vehicle. Vehicles without a smart key system (type A) Key (with a wireless remote control function) Operating the wireless remote control func ...

Side doors

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Lighting System: Dtc Check / Clear
DTC CHECK / CLEAR CHECK DTC (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Turn the ignition switch to ON. (c) Turn the Techstream on. (d) Enter the following menus: Body Electrical / Main body / Trouble Codes. Body Electrical > Main Body > Trouble Codes (e) Check for DTCs. CLEAR DTC (a) ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Wireless Door Lock Control System(w/o Smart Key System): Only Wireless Control Function is Inoperative
DESCRIPTION The door control and tire pressure monitoring system receiver assembly receives signals from the door control transmitter assembly and sends these signals to the main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU). The main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU) then controls all doors by s ...

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