Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Operation Check



(a) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(b) Turn the seat heater switch on and check that the indicator illuminates and the surface of the front seat warms up.

(c) Check that the front seat surface temperature changes according to the operation of the seat heater switch as follows: HI → MID → LO.

    System Description
    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION FRONT SEAT HEATER (a) By operating the seat heater switch, the temperature can be controlled within a range of 35 to 42°C (95 to 108°F). (b) The seat heater switch indicator ...

    Problem Symptoms Table
    PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE NOTICE: If the battery voltage is low, the seat heater system may not operate. Refer to Data List for power steering system. Click here HINT: Use the table belo ...

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