Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Operation Check



(a) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(b) Check that the rear window defogger wire becomes warm by operating the rear window defogger switch of the air conditioning control assembly.

(c) When the vehicle is stopped, confirm that the window defogger system operation stops after approximately 15 minutes.


If the battery voltage becomes low, window defogger system operation is canceled to prioritize supplying power to the power steering system.

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    System Description
    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION GENERAL (a) The rear window defogger wire is attached to the inside of the rear window and defogs the window surface quickly when the rear window defogger switch is pressed. T ...

    Problem Symptoms Table
    PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Inspect the fuses and relays related to this system before inspecting the suspected areas below. Use the table below to help determine the cause of probl ...

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