Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Steering Wheel

Problem Symptoms Table
PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptoms are lis ...

COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION *1 STEERING WHEEL ASSEMBLY - - Tightening torque for "Major areas involving basic vehicle perform ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Blind Spot Monitor System: Steering Angle Sensor (C1A47)
DESCRIPTION The blind spot monitor sensor receives steering signals from the steering sensor via CAN communication. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area C1A47 Steering Angle Sensor A fail fl ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Meter / Gauge System: Problem Symptoms Table
PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE NOTICE: When replacing the combination meter assembly, always replace it with a new one. If a combination meter assembly which was installed to another vehicle is used, the information stored in it will not match the information from the vehicle and a DTC may be stored ...

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