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(a) The steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upper bracket assembly) stores DTCs when a malfunction occurs in the system. These DTCs can be confirmed by using the Techstream.


  • When using the Techstream with the engine switch off to confirm DTCs or Data List information related to the smart key system, the Techstream may not operate unless either of the following is performed: 1) Turn a courtesy light switch on and off at intervals of 1.5 seconds or less until communication between the Techstream and vehicle begins, or 2) connect the Techstream to the vehicle and select the vehicle type under manual mode and enter the following menus: Body Electrical / Smart Key.
  • Do not remove any fuses or disconnect the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal before confirming and recording DTCs as the data stored in the ECUs will be cleared.
  • DTCs may have been stored due to problems unrelated to the steering lock system. Be sure to confirm and record any DTCs output for other systems.

(b) The steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upper bracket assembly) is not connected to the CAN communication system. Therefore, communication with the Techstream is performed via the certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly).

(c) The steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upper bracket assembly) only stores DTCs for currently existing malfunctions. History DTCs are not stored.

    Terminals Of Ecu
    TERMINALS OF ECU TERMINAL INSPECTION *a Component without harness connected (Steering Lock ECU (Steering Lock Actuator or Upper Bracket Assembly)) - ...

    Dtc Check / Clear
    DTC CHECK / CLEAR NOTICE: The steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upper bracket assembly) does not store history DTCs. If any DTCs are output, confirm and record them as soo ...

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