Toyota CH-R Service Manual: On-vehicle Inspection




(a) Slide the clip and disconnect the union to connector tube hose from the vacuum pump assembly.

(b) Connect the hose of a vacuum gauge to the vacuum pump assembly.


Vacuum Gauge

(c) Start the engine and warm it up for more than 2 minutes.

(d) With the engine idling, measure the negative pressure of the vacuum pump assembly.

Standard Pressure:

Higher than 86.7 kPa (650 mmHg, 25.6 in.Hg)

If the pressure is less than the standard, disassemble and inspect the vacuum pump. If necessary, replace the vacuum pump assembly.

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Always perform this operation check procedure after replacing or servicing the vacuum pump assembly.

(e) Remove the vacuum gauge from the vacuum pump assembly.

(f) Connect the union to connector tube hose to the vacuum pump assembly, and slide the clip to secure it.

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