Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Calibration



(a) Refer to the table below and then perform the necessary operation according to the part to be replaced in order to perform calibration.

Parts to be Replaced

Necessary Operation

Skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly)

Perform system variant learning


(a) Perform system variant learning.


  • System variant learning is automatically performed immediately after Test Mode is entered.
  • If learning has not yet been performed, the slip indicator light will remain on and DTC C1288 (Error in Matching of ECUs) will be stored.
  • If system variant learning is not successful, the warning lights will not blink in the Test Mode pattern and DTC C1288 will not be cleared.
  • When entering test mode, the skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) communicates with the millimeter wave radar sensor assembly to judge whether the vehicle is equipped with the pre-collision system. Therefore, do not exit test mode within 5 seconds of entering test mode. (w/ Pre-collision System)

(1) Turn the ignition switch off.

(2) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(3) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

(4) Turn the Techstream on.

(5) Switch the skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) to Test Mode using the Techstream. Enter the following menus: Chassis / ABS/VSC/TRAC/EPB / Utility / Test Mode.

Chassis > ABS/VSC/TRAC/EPB > Utility

Tester Display

Test Mode

(6) Check that the ABS warning and slip indicator lights blink in the Test Mode pattern.


  • After the skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) enters Test Mode, the slip indicator light may remain on for approximately 7 seconds before starting to blink in the Test Mode pattern.
  • Do not exit test mode within 5 seconds of entering test mode. If test mode is exited within 5 seconds of entering test mode, DTC U0235 may be stored. If DTC U0235 is output after exiting test mode, enter test mode again, wait at least 5 seconds, then recheck for DTCs. (w/ Pre-collision System)

(7) Turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the Techstream.

    How To Proceed With Troubleshooting

    Test Mode Procedure
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