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  • Toyota Entune allows the vehicle to receive information from the call center and links the information to the audio and visual system. Toyota Entune permits the driver to use the received information, such as destination information, on the audio and visual system.
  • Toyota Entune provides the following services: Destination Assist Connect, Dynamic Navigation, Dynamic Voice Recognition, App Suite Connect, Safety Connect.
    • For details about Safety Connect, refer to Safety Connect System.

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    • For details about Service Connect, go to
  • Toyota Entune consists mainly of a telephone microphone assembly, DCM (telematics transceiver), radio and display receiver assembly, and telephone and GPS antenna assembly (for roof side).




Telephone Microphone Assembly

Receives user's voice.

DCM (Telematics Transceiver)

  • Sends and receives content information.
  • Connects to the call center when the Destination Assist Connect service etc. is active.

Radio and Display Receiver Assembly

Sends and receives the microphone voice signal.

Telephone and GPS Antenna Assembly (for Roof Side)

GPS Antenna

Receives signals from GPS satellites and sends these signals to the DCM (telematics transceiver).

Telephone Antenna (Main)

  • This antenna is for cellular phones. It supports transmission and reception of signals in frequency bands for cellular phones.
  • Sends signals from the DCM (telematics transceiver) and receives signals from the call center.

Telephone and GPS Antenna Assembly (for Front Side)

Telephone Antenna (Sub)

  • This antenna is for cellular phones. It supports transmission and reception of signals in frequency bands for cellular phones.
  • Receives signals from the call center.


Outputs the call center advisor's voice.

Stereo Component Amplifier Assembly

Sends the call center adviser's voice to the speakers.


(a) Toyota Entune App Suite Connect

  • Toyota Entune App Suite Connect enables the usable content of a cellular phone to be displayed on and operated from the radio and display assembly screen.
  • Toyota Entune App Suite Connect is divided into two categories, infotainment and fleet*.
  • As "Bluetooth" communication is used for the communication between a cellular phone and the radio and display receiver assembly, before using the Toyota Entune App Suite Connect function on the audio and visual system, the cellular phone needs to be registered to the audio and visual system as a "Bluetooth" device. For details regarding Toyota Entune App Suite Connect operations, each of the applications and compatible phones, refer to
  • *: Fleet is only available on vehicles with a DCM (telematics transceiver).

(b) Destination Assist Connect

  • Downloads the user's desired destination information to the navigation function after the call center is told the destination.
  • Stores the information downloaded in the navigation function so the information can be reused as required.
  • Destination Assist Connect is an in-vehicle service that allows subscribers to request directions to any location. Subscribers are connected to an agent through the Destination Assist button and may ask the agent to download the location of any destination to the navigation function in the vehicle. Agents are able to locate specific Points Of Interest (POI's) by search terms, locate specific addresses, or provide Zagat-rated restaurants as premium POI's. Agents are able to search for POI's using the distance from the vehicle, from a city, or from another POI. The navigation function can store up to 5 POI's at a time, which can be added to the device queue as the first or last entry, or as a replacement for all entries.

(c) Dynamic Navigation

  • Dynamic navigation searches the server for the latest map data and traffic information, etc., and depending on the latest traffic status and other data, optimizes the route and updates the map.
  • Dynamic navigation requires a contract, and a full update of the map database in the navigation ECU should be performed every 3 years.

(d) Dynamic Voice Recognition

By performing the voice recognition process with the server, natural talk input and other interactive voice operations besides the specified commands can be performed. In addition, by storing all of the user's utterances, the server will learn, and be able to perform voice recognition with greater accuracy.

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