Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Tire size

■ Typical tire size information The illustration indicates typical tire size.

  1. Tire use (P = Passenger car, T = Temporary use)
  2. Section width (millimeters)
  3. Aspect ratio (tire height to section width)
  4. Tire construction code (R = Radial, D = Diagonal)
  5. Wheel diameter (inches)
  6. Load index (2 digits or 3 digits)
  7. Speed symbol (alphabet with one letter)

■ Tire dimensions

  1. Section width
  2. Tire height
  3. Wheel diameter

Toyota CH-R. Vehicle specifications

Tire section names

  1. Bead
  2. Sidewall
  3. Shoulder
  4. Tread
  5. Belt
  6. Inner liner
  7. Reinforcing rubber
  8. Carcass
  9. Rim lines
  10. Bead wires
  11. Chafer

Toyota CH-R. Vehicle specifications

    Typical DOT and Tire Identification Number (TIN)
    Type A Type B DOT symbol* Tire Identification Number (TIN) Tire manufacturer's identification mark Tire size code Manufacturer's optional tire type code (3 or 4 letters) ...

    Uniform Tire Quality Grading
    This information has been prepared in accordance with regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. It provides the purchasers a ...

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