Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Typical DOT and Tire Identification Number (TIN)

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Type A

Type B

  1. DOT symbol*
  2. Tire Identification Number (TIN)
  3. Tire manufacturer's identification mark
  4. Tire size code
  5. Manufacturer's optional tire type code (3 or 4 letters)
  6. Manufacturing week
  7. Manufacturing year
  8. Manufacturer's code

*: The DOT symbol certifies that the tire conforms to applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

    Typical tire symbols
    Full-size tire Compact spare tire Tire size DOT and Tire Identification Number (TIN) Uniform tire quality grading For details, see "Uniform Tire Quality Grading" that fo ...

    Tire size
    ■ Typical tire size information The illustration indicates typical tire size. Tire use (P = Passenger car, T = Temporary use) Section width (millimeters) Aspect ratio (tire height to secti ...

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