Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Specifications

Vehicle specifications

Maintenance data (fuel, oil level, etc.)
Dimensions and weights *1: Unladen vehicles *2: Vehicles with 215/60R17 tires *3: Vehicles with 225/50R18 tires Vehicle identification ■ Vehicle identification number The vehicle identifica ...

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Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Smart Key System(for Entry Function): Additional Key cannot be Registered
DESCRIPTION If additional registration is not possible, a malfunction of the electrical key transmitter sub-assembly, certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly), engine switch, No. 1 indoor electrical key antenna assembly (front floor), steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator or upper brack ...

KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual > Features of your vehicle: Welcome system
The surroundings or the interior will be appeared when the driver approaches or exits the vehicle. Illuminating functions Door handle lamp Operation Door handle lamp will turn on for approximately 15 seconds. Operating condition(s) All the doors (and tailgate) are closed and ...

Toyota CH-R Owners Manual

Toyota CH-R Service Manual

KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual

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