Toyota CH-R Service Manual: System Diagram



    Parts Location
    PARTS LOCATION ILLUSTRATION *A for LED Headlight *B w/ Fog Light *C w/ Door Mirror Foot Light - - ...

    How To Proceed With Troubleshooting
    CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the following procedure to troubleshoot the lighting system. *: Use the Techstream. PROCEDURE 1. VEHICLE BRO ...

    Other materials:

    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Power Steering System: Assist Map Number Un-Writing (C1581)
    DESCRIPTION This DTC will be stored if the power steering ECU assembly determines that the assist map is not written in the ECU. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area Warning Indicate Return-to-normal Conditi ...

    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Meter / Gauge System: Fuel Receiver Gauge Display Malfunction
    DESCRIPTION OPERATION The combination meter assembly uses the fuel injection volume signal from the ECM, fuel sender gauge assembly to detect the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank assembly. Each gauge assembly has a variable resistor whose resistance changes according to the amount o ...

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