Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Does not Recognize Voice Commands Performed to Contact Support Center

Toyota CH-R Service Manual / Cellular Communication / Toyota Entune System / Does not Recognize Voice Commands Performed to Contact Support Center




(a) While paying attention to the condition of the spoken voice command, say "Find a gas station in New York" and check that voice recognition is operating normally.


  • When the voice command is recognized, the content of the voice command is displayed in the voice recognition result display area to the right of the mic icon. (Example: When "Find a gas station in New York" is spoken, "Find a gas station in New York" is displayed in the voice recognition result display area.)
  • If an unnecessary word (such as "um" or "ah") is spoken before or after the recognition word, the system incorrectly recognizes the recognition word.
  • The system cannot recognize voice commands when multiple people are speaking simultaneously.
  • If the speaking speed is too fast or too slow, the recognition rate may decrease.
  • The system may have difficulty recognizing voice commands depending on the voice quality (such as a hoarse voice due to poor physical condition).


Voice command is recognized normally.





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