Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Health Check



Health Check provides an overall view of vehicle status including telematics. Health Check will provide DCM (Telematics Transceiver) software version, PRL version, and applicable DTCs and fault codes related to telematics.

(a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(b) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(c) Turn the Techstream on.

(d) Click "Health Check".

Fault Code



VIN not recognized by telematics provider.


DCM (Telematics Transceiver) not recognized.


VIN mismatch with DCM (Telematics Transceiver).


  • If Health Check results in a telematics issue, a specific Fault Code will be displayed.
  • If a fault code occurs, follow the procedure.
  • Fault 62*: Press manual (SOS) switch and inform operator of error message.
  • Fault 64: Press manual (SOS) switch and inform operator of error message.
  • Fault 65: Contact the call center and request that they correct the DCM/VIN registration information in their database.

    *: Verify VIN is correct in ECM. Run Vehicle Inquiry on Techstream and verify VIN is correct.

(e) Data is displayed under "Telematics".





    Dcm Activation
    DCM ACTIVATION DCM ACTIVATION This function should be used to activate the DCM (Telematics Transceiver) after a new DCM (Telematics Transceiver) has been installed. During the DCM Activation pro ...

    Acn Call End
    ACN CALL END ACN CALL END This function terminates the ACN (Automatic Collision Notification) to the telematics provider. After a collision in which the DCM receives "Collision Detection Sign ...

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