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    Rear Seat Side Airbag Assembly

    On-vehicle Inspection
    ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT CAUTION: Be sure to correctly follow the removal and installation procedures for the rear seat airbags. PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT REAR SEAT AIRBAG (for ...

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    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Power Window Control System: Rear Power Window RH Auto Up / Down Function does not Operate with Rear Power Window Switch RH
    DESCRIPTION If the manual up and down functions operate normally but the auto up and down functions do not, the power window control system may be in fail-safe mode. If power window initialization has not been performed, the auto up and down functions will not operate. Click here WIRING ...

    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Lighting System: Open in IG Circuit (B242E)
    DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when a malfunction occurs in the headlight ECU sub-assembly LH IG power source circuit. The headlight ECU sub-assembly LH stores DTC B242E. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area Note ...

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