Toyota CH-R Service Manual: System Diagram


    System Description
    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION SEAT BELT WARNING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) Seat belt warning light operation for driver seat belt: The seat belt warning light on the combination meter assembly blinks or turns o ...

    Customize Parameters
    CUSTOMIZE PARAMETERS NOTICE: When the customer requests a change in a function, first make sure that the function can be customized. Be sure to make a note of the current settings be ...

    Other materials:

    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Occupant Classification System: Lost Communication with Multi-axis Acceleration Sensor Module (U0125,U0129)
    DESCRIPTION The occupant detection ECU sends/receives signals to/from each ECU via CAN communication. DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area U0125 Lost Communication with Multi-axis Acceleration Sensor Mod ...

    Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Oil Pan: Removal
    REMOVAL CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT The necessary procedures (adjustment, calibration, initialization, or registration) that must be performed after parts are removed, installed, or replaced during the transaxle oil (CVT) pan sub-assembly removal/installation are shown below. Necessary Procedure ...

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