Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Riding with children

Observe the following precautions when children are in the vehicle.

Use a child restraint system appropriate for the child, until the child becomes large enough to properly wear the vehicle's seat belt.

  • It is recommended that children sit in the rear seats to avoid accidental contact with the shift lever, wiper switch, etc.
  • Use the rear door child-protector lock or the window lock switch to avoid children opening the door while driving or operating the power window accidentally.
  • Do not let small children operate equipment which may catch or pinch body parts, such as the power window, hood, back door, seats, etc.
WARNING Never leave children unattended in the vehicle, and never allow children to have or use the key.

Children may be able to start the vehicle or shift the vehicle into neutral.

There is also a danger that children may injure themselves by playing with the side windows, the moon roof (if equipped) or other features of the vehicle.

In addition, heat build-up or extremely cold temperatures inside the vehicle can be fatal to children.

    Child safety

    Child restraint systems
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