Toyota CH-R Service Manual: On-vehicle Inspection





These service operations may affect the SRS airbags. Be sure to read the precautionary notices concerning the SRS airbag system before servicing.

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(a) Stop the vehicle on a level, paved surface and align the wheels straight ahead.

(b) Remove the horn button assembly.

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(c) Connect the cable to the negative (-) battery terminal.

(d) Using a torque wrench, check that the steering wheel set nut is properly tightened.


50 N·m {510 kgf·cm, 37 ft·lbf}

(e) Turn the engine running so that the power steering is ready to operate.

(f) Turn the steering wheel 90 degrees to the right and check steering effort (torque) with the steering wheel turned. Check in the opposite direction using the same method.

Standard Steering Effort (Reference):

5.5 N*m (56 kgf*cm, 49 in.*lbf) or less

(g) Align the front wheels facing straight ahead.

(h) Turn the ignition switch off.

(i) Disconnect the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal.


When disconnecting the cable, some systems need to be initialized after the cable is reconnected.

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(j) Install the horn button assembly.

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    Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart
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    Assist Map Number Mismatch (C1582)
    DESCRIPTION When an incorrect ECM, main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU) or skid control ECU (brake actuator assembly) is installed after the assist map has been written to the power steerin ...

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