Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Outside rear view mirrors

Adjustment procedure

1. To select a mirror to adjust, turn the switch.

  1. Left
  2. Right

Toyota CH-R. Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

2. To adjust the mirror, operate the switch.

  1. Up
  2. Right
  3. Down
  4. Left

Toyota CH-R. Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

Folding and extending the mirrors

Manual type

Push the mirror back in the direction of the rear of the vehicle.

Toyota CH-R. Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

Power type

  1. Folds the mirrors
  2. Extends the mirrors

Putting the outside rear view mirror folding switch in the neutral position sets the mirrors to automatic mode.

Automatic mode allows the folding or extending of the mirrors to be linked to locking/unlocking of the doors.

Toyota CH-R. Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors

■Mirror angle can be adjusted when Vehicles without a smart key system: The engine switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position.

Vehicles with a smart key system: The engine switch is in ACCESSORY or IGNITION ON mode.

■When the mirrors are fogged up The outside rear view mirrors can be cleared using the mirror defoggers. Turn on the rear window defogger to turn on the outside rear view mirror defoggers.

■Using the automatic folding/extending mirror function in cold weather (if equipped) When the automatic folding/extending mirror function is used in cold weather, the outside rear view mirrors could freeze up and automatic folding and extension may not be possible. In this event, remove any ice and snow from the outside rear view mirror, then operate the mirror manually by using the mirror fold switch or moving the mirror by hand.

■Customization The automatic mirror folding and extending operation can be changed.


■Important points while driving Observe the following precautions while driving.

Failure to do so may result in loss of control of the vehicle and cause an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.

  • Do not adjust the mirrors while driving.
  • Do not drive with the mirrors folded.
  • Both the driver and passenger side mirrors must be extended and properly adjusted before driving.

■When a mirror is moving To avoid personal injury and mirror malfunction, be careful not to get your hand caught by the moving mirror.

■When the mirror defoggers are operating Do not touch the rear view mirror surfaces, as they can become very hot and burn you.

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