Toyota CH-R Service Manual: Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart


Telematics System


Detection Item



Lost Communication with Body Control Module "B"


Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Control Module


Lost Communication with Navigation Control Module

    Terminals Of Ecu
    TERMINALS OF ECU DCM (TELEMATICS TRANSCEIVER) Click here RADIO AND DISPLAY RECEIVER ASSEMBLY w/o Navigation System: Click here w/ Navigation System: Click here ...

    Dtc Check / Clear
    DTC CHECK / CLEAR CHECK DTC (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Turn the ignition switch to ON. (c) Turn the Techstream on. (d) Enter the following menus: Body Electrical / Telematics / T ...

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    The pre-collision system uses a radar sensor and camera sensor to detect vehicles and pedestrians in front of your vehicle. When the system determines that the possibility of a frontal collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is high, a warning operates to urge the driver to take evasive acti ...

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    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION CD (Compact Disc) PLAYER OUTLINE (a) A compact disc player uses a laser pickup to read digital signals recorded on a compact disc (CD). By converting the digital signals to analog, it can play music and audio. CAUTION: Do not look directly at the laser pickup because the C ...

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