Toyota CH-R Owners Manual: Driving mode select

In response to driving conditions, one of 3 drive modes can be selected.

Select the drive mode

■ Changing the driving mode To select the drive mode, perform operations on the multi-information display.

1. Press or of meter control switches and select .

2. Press or of the meter control switches, and select "Drive Mode".

3. Press or of the meter control switches, and select drive mode.

■ Driving modes

  • "NORMAL" mode
    Provides an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness, and dynamic performance. Suitable for city driving.

  • "SPORT" mode
    Controls the transmission and engine to provide quick, powerful acceleration. This mode also changes the steering feel, making it suitable for when agile driving response is desired, such as when driving on roads with many curves.

    When sport mode is selected, the "SPORT" indicator will illuminate on the multi-information display.

  • "ECO" mode
    Helps the driver accelerate in an eco-friendly manner and improve fuel economy through moderate throttle characteristics and by controlling the operation of the air conditioning system (heating/cooling).

When Eco mode is selected, the "ECO MODE" indicator will illuminate on the multi-information display.

While the air conditioning is being used, the system automatically switches to air conditioning eco mode, allowing for driving that leads to even better fuel economy.

■Canceling driving modes

  • Select another drive mode. Also, "SPORT" mode will be canceled automatically when the engine switch is turned off.
  • "NORMAL" mode and "ECO" mode will not be canceled automatically until another drive mode is selected, even if the engine switch is turned off.
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