KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual: Features of your vehicle

Air bag warning labels
Left-hand drive Right-hand drive Air bag warning label (Type A) Air bag warning label (Type B) Air bag warning labels are attached to alert the passengers of potential risk of ai ...


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KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual > Special driving conditions: Rocking the vehicle
If it is necessary to rock the vehicle to free it from snow, sand, or mud, first turn the steering wheel right and left to clear the area around your front wheels. Then, shift back and forth between R (Reverse) and any forward gear. Do not race the engine, and spin the wheels as little as ...

Toyota CH-R Service Manual > Shift Lever: Reassembly
REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL SHIFT LEVER HOUSING BRACKET SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Engage the 4 claws to install the shift lever housing bracket sub-assembly to the shift lock control unit assembly. 2. INSTALL SHIFT POSITION INDICATOR ( ...

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KIA Niro EV / Hybrid (SG2) - (2021-2023) - Owner's manual

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